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Disentery Gary

Blink 182

Got a lotta heart ache
He's a fucken wease!
His issues make my mind ache
Want to make a deal
Cause l love your little motions
You do with your pigtails
What a nice creation
Worth another night in jail

He's a player, diarrhea giver, tried to grow his hair out
When friends were listening to slaver
l would like to find him friday night
Hanging out with mom and trying on his fathers tights

Life just sucks, l lost the one, l'm giving up she found someone
There's plenty more, girls are such a drag

So all you little ladies
Be sure to chose the right guys
You'll come back to me maybe
l'll shower you with lies
Got a lotta heart ache
He's a fucken wease!
Decisions my mind ache
Want to make a deal

Ease away the problems and the pain
The girl chose the one guy who makes you want to kick and scream
All along, you wish that she would stay
Fuck the guy who took and ran away


Fuck this place, l lost the war, l hate you all, your mom's a whore
Where's my dog? girls are such a drag

l these guys have no game l wish l would have stoped
ln my bed back at home watching

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