Letra de Mark's poem de Blink 182
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Mark's poem

Blink 182

this is a poem to myself
i dont care about the riches bitches or wealth
i dont need a thing but friends 
we hang together till the end
i dont know why but some times i want to die
but then i realize that this is all a lie
no point and no place to go
so forget it all and put on a show

this is a poem about life 
a poem about strife
a poem to myselfa poem to my friends 
a poem to my life.

This song is for when you dont give a fuck
when your shit out of luck
nothing going right 
you just quit the fight
when you quit on girls 
think about the dog
or the cat
fuck my hair just wear a hat
fuck this shit
fuck this life
fuck the world
fuck the critics
fuck it all
fuck you all
this is the end 
fuck you friend

how'd you like that shit 

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