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Green Day

How do you get your sleep at night? 
How did you get your noose so tight? 
Like chewing on tinfoil, it's so much fun 
Gonna be dead before your gone 

Cause look how things have gotten 
And I'll be happy so I won't pretend 
And I'll be cheering that you're going down 
And I'll be laughing, I'll be laughing 

How many feelings can you steal? 
Gotta be part of your appeal 
I can see through you cause you're wearing thin 
Like chewing on tinfoil once again 

Ha Ha you're dead 
And I'm so happy 
In loving memory 
Of your demise 

When your ship is going down 
I'll go out and paint the town 
Ha Ha you're dead 
Ha Ha you're dead 
Ha Ha you're dead 

(ha ha ha) 

Ha Ha you're dead 
The joke is over 
You were an asshole 
And now you're gone 
As your ship is going down 
I'll stand by and watch you drown 

Ha Ha you're dead 
You're gonna be dead 
Just remember what I said 
Ha Ha you're dead 
Ha Ha you're dead 
Ha Ha you're dead

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