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Just like everybody

Luh Madison

There are hearts screaming for help.
There are tears falling because of pain.
If you look around you you\'ll see people suffering.

We\'ve forgotten love.
We\'ve forgotten union.
And in fact we\'ve forgotten who we are.
We\'ve forgotten...

Souls that wander aimlessly through the society
Fighting for happyness,
acceptin that their lives will never change.

A smile will help them,
your company will help them,
your help will give them a boost.
Helping each other is not bad,
you won\'t be insignificant for helping.
Feel free to be
just like everybody.

There are humble and simple hearts.
There are tears full of pain.
Eyes that can only see the bad side of life
Souls seeking for happyness
trying to find a better place

We can all be just like everybody.
Helping each other, as I can also help.

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