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Did i tell you how i like it
i like everything about it
Baby,what a blessing
I´ve been dancing for a decade
Fell in love whit it the first date
Baby there´s no guessing 

Como baillas,y como cantas (how you dance it, how you sing ir)
Body and soul, girl it´s all about
The pure love we have inside


So dance dance dance 
Baby rock rock rock
Let´s roll roll roll
Conmigo cariño mio
I love to dance dance dance
I love to rock rock rock
I love to roll roll roll
Contigo cariño mio (with you my darling)

If I tell you that  I´m feeling
The same way it´s like a healing
Baby,you´re a blessing
The steps became like my heart beat
I feel alive working my feet
Baby,it´s impressing
Como baillas,y como cantas
Body and soul,it´s all about
The love that we have inside

You make me wanna salsa
You make me wanna cha cha
slow down, get up and down
Mueve la cintura turn it around.

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