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Awaken the giant


Iím staring at the wall 
Sick and tired of all 
Manic depression makes me crawl 
It makes me small 
I need some peace of mind 
The pressure makes me blind 
The labyrinth of pain, the exit I must find 
Itís all inside of me, the answers lie within 
And all that I can win I take for myself 
Iím the one who holds the key 
To all that I can be 
My spirit yearns for truth 
Itís learning to be free 

Through the years 
I was doing things the wrong way 
But now Iíve changed it is time to say 

Awaken the giant 
Donít let it sleep 
Awaken the giant 
Look deep within 

I wonít give up the fight 
Until I see the light 
I wonít give in 
To the gloominess of life 
The end is in my sight 
In the middle of darkest night 
I see my futureís bright 
Iím reaching for new heights

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