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If u cant dance

Will Smith


Yo! If you can´t dance, its cool to get up now
Usually, ya´ll gotta sit on the side, but tonight, it´s cool ...slide...


If you can´t dance then this is your jam, baby, left to right all night
Slide that´s all you gotta do... You can´t dance then this is your jam, baby
Left to right all night, slide, that´s all you gotta do
Now we all know the boy at the club, all liquored up,
Boy with the bub tryin´ to pick ´em up, wack dancing,
´Wooking pa nub´, shirt too bright, pants too tight
Boy settle down
Now I ain´t just messing with you
I got better things to do
I´m trying to help, I got a lesson for you
I know you do the best you could do
Wanna get next to Boo, then the less you do the better
Cause women equate dance with sex
They gon´ see you & be like, ´Next´!
But you gon´ be like, ´hold up Ma´ (´Next!´)
But she gon´ be like, uh huh, (´Next!´)
Now looka-here, rule #1, know ya name,
if it ain´t Usher, Justin or Hammer, then we can touch ya
Rule #2, never do a dance you can´t do, why stupid,
Cause you can´t do it


So I´m up in my spot in Miami the other night, right
& this Dude´s out on the floor OD-ing, just way ´over-dancing´
So his Mommy wanna holla at me
She thought my name was Billy, I told her it was Willie
She said she watch my TV show & I was very silly
Told her I was from Philly she looked at me said, ´Really?´
& judging from her t-shirt, I could tell that she was chilly
So I gave her my sweater, she said her name was Etta
She said she come from Cuba and she just had bought a Jetta
She said she was glad I met her, let´s go somewhere together
She said she´d ride in my car cause she knew that it was better
The conversation cookin´, attention getting´ tookin´
My Spidey senses tinglin´, I felt somebody lookin´
Now who this brotha lookin´, & now he runnin´, bookin´
I´m mad I´m like a fisherman, I almost had my hook in
I figured I should get up & quickly clear my head up,
Cause Etta got a man & I´m feelin´ kinda set-up
Now Dude was really fed up & yo, he wouldn´t let up
Homey if I hit you, you might never ever get up
Now he was not a dancer, plus he wasn´t handsome
Comin´ like Mel Gibson, like I had his girl for ransom
Yo, Pedro wanna go out side, yo amigo, tranquillo... slide


Now rule #3 is easy, please remember that you ain´t on "Beat Street"
Sweet feet, you ain´t tryin´ to win no TV, another dude did a move
No need to out do it
Rule #4, out on the floor, don´t be doing moves that don´t nobody do no more
Draw too much attention to be adventurous out on the floor
There´s a reason that don´t nobody do ´em no more, you feel me?
This may be hilarious, but Rule #5 is serious, it´s a shame that we have
to discuss
That there´s no lip biting or pelvic thrusts
I mean you think that move will put the sting on her,
you too close, tryin´ to put a ring on her?
You don´t know that girl, don´t cling on her & don´t put your thing on


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