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Kill Caustic


so, I`m feeling much worse now. you`re better.
your designer drug won`t work for me.
connect to a three volt. I hope your battery dies. How could you run on such voltage? all the same, I remain the one to blame and i`m demonized, purified, justified as you let yourself show. So now you`ll love these screams, what`s left of me. Love these screams like I do. Don`t speak my name. As the infinite stops cold just nine and the six are gone. Guess I was the one to ride that dirty ride that is turning so fast now I cannot hold on but, at this pace, who would want to? Don`t ever speak my name again. So, now you`ll love these screams, what`s left of me. love these screams like I do.
escrita por laura silvana zuluaga correa esperando que les guste ojala se la aprendan ///suerte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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